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Handmade Ceramics Inspired by the Maine Coast

Merrymeeting Clay is a small ceramics studio located on Merrymeeting Bay in Bath, Maine. We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with have a direct impact on the quality of our lives.

We want our home to be a place where even simple objects like bottle openers reflect what we find beautiful and inspirational. As lovers of nature, we see the beauty of the natural world every time we leave our home. As designers, we are driven to incorporate this into our work.

Who We Are

My name is Kai Evenson. I’m a designer with a background in technology and a lifelong passion for the fine arts. I started Merrymeeting Clay with my partner, Jackie, a lifelong visual artist. We work together to come up with ideas, and I design, prototype, and create the final pieces.

Our motivation and mission is simple—to borrow designs from nature to create sculptural forms and everyday objects that reflect the natural beauty all around us.

Our Work



Our studio is temporarily closed while we welcome a new member to the family. We will be updating our online store in the early spring of 2022.

For now you can purchase your own New England Claw or Crab in one of our partner stores in Maine, or online on Etsy.


Designs Inspired by Nature

Our process always begins with natural forms that we find enticing and evocative, like lobster claws, richly textured driftwood, or the silhouettes of whales breaking the surface of the ocean.

Sometimes these forms come directly from nature, like our lobster claws or horseshoe crab shells. For others, like our Humpback Whale tails, we first create a digital 3D model of the form we want to create, then print it in a biodegradable thermoplastic.

Once we have the form we need, we make a plaster mold and let it cure (dry) for several weeks. After this curing process, we can then begin casting liquid clay, or slip, into the molds. The plaster absorbs water from the clay, which begins to harden from the outside in, creating a hollow object in the exact shape of the original form.

Each piece then undergoes two firings in our kiln. The initial firing turns the clay into a porous ceramic that is ready to absorb glaze. We then apply a variety of custom glazes and different firing techniques to get the style we want. Finally, we attach any extra pieces–like the opener attachment for our New England Claws.

Once the molds are ready, it takes about three weeks to create a single piece.

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